List Cleaner Pro

List Cleaner Pro Email Cleaner for Windows And Mac OS X
List Cleaner Pro
is the best free email list cleaning software for Windows & Mac OS X.

Don’t waste money sending emails to bad addresses or worst lose your autoresponder account for bounce backs. Optimize & clean your mail list in just a few clicks!

Remove bad email addresses from your lists such as improperly formatted addresses, toxic domains, known spam domains,  government addresses, role address and domains without proper DNS mail records.

List Cleaner Pro is completely free and can save you money and your autoresponder account. Simply load your list into List Cleaner Pro and it does all the work for you!

List Cleaner Pro is super easy to use. Load Your list, select your options and click clean

The email checker in List Cleaner Pro will remove duplicate emails, improperly formatted emails, toxic domains, government domains, free provider domains, throw away domains, domains without mail servers and more!

Click here to view our help video here for more information on the easy list cleaning workflow.

Don’t pay $100’s for list cleaning software, List Cleaner Pro is COMPLETELY FREE with unlimited usage, no subscription required. A must for anyone doing marketing via email, newsletters, and autoresponders.


  • Unlimited usage, completely free
  • Eliminate emails based on options you select, optimizing your mail list
  • Import your email list as text or CSV ( comma separated files )
  • No proxies required. Smart intelligent Internet check of email addresses that looks for proper mail server records for each address when doing an email verifier Internet check. We don’t spam external mail servers with methods that provide false positives like many other email validation on the market.
  • Cross-platform. Mac & Windows versions are feature complete.
  • Native code, no Java, Flash or Air 100% OS native code!

Windows Os requirements
Windows Compatibility: Works with Windows 7, Vista, 8, Windows 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016. 4 gigs ram recommended.

macos requirements
Mac Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.9 & newer: Mavericks, Yosemite, El Captian, Sierra, High Sierra. 4 gigs ram recommended.


Yes, List Cleaner Pro requires Internet Access to operate. It checks for updates on start-up and the Check Internet option performs many DNS – MX record searches.

Please allow List Cleaner Pro to access the Internet if you have a firewall. Only outgoing connections are required to operate.

If you have a domain that you think should be excluded such as toxic domains, free providers or government. We’re planning on providing a feature in the future to submit domains for inclusion in our upgrades in the near future.

Sorry, List Cleaner Pro is a completely free product and therefore no warranty or support is provided. You can view our help video if you need assistance in using List Cleaner Pro

If you have special business needs we would be happy to discuss a support contract or special program design.

List cleaner Pro is completely free so you may install it on as many computers that you personally own.


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